Setting the Price For Your Home

One of the most interesting conversations that I have with people (once they find out that I sell real estate for a living ) is when they ask me "How's the real estate market", and more specifically when they ask me about what their home is worth.

While there are countless automated valuation tools and places to go on the internet to see an "estimate" of your home's value, getting that price (or typically range of potential values) does not help what you are REALLY asking. Let me see if I can explain. 

First, none of the automated tools can see the interior of your home. They cannot see recent updates, improvements, and repairs. And they cannot see your neighbor's interior of their home either. 

Additionally, what a home is worth is NOT always the best place to LIST a home for. The real estate market goes through swings where  sometimes pricing it below what you expect can be a profit maximizing strategy. 

The BEST advice and insight you are going to receive is from a competent real estate professional who sits down with you and discusses your SPECIFIC situation. They can take into consideration your home, your time frame, and your personal needs and desires. They can help find options for you likely may not have thought of. 

Are you considering selling in today's market? If so, please reach out. It will be a text or a call that is TOTALLY worth your time. Helping people find the best strategy for selling their home and helping them execute that strategy is what I do.

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