First Time Home Buying

If you are looking to buy a home for the first time, the process can feel quite overwhelming. That said, with my help we can make the process easier, less stress, and actually fun. 

Knowing what to expect and starting with a game plan is the first step in many projects but especially in buying a home. Let me help you with that game plan. Give me a call today and we will sit down and go over what you are looking for. We will help you get the steps to owning your home in the right order and we will make sure that you have a clear understanding of each step. It is easier than most people imagine!

I do have a page especially for first time home buyers that lays out some of this process, but since each situation is different, please give me a call or text. Here are some things to bring to our first conversation:

  • If you have already met with a mortgage professional and been pre-qualified, please bring that information with you. (If not, I can connect you with qualified mortage professionals. )
  • A list of what you must have, and a list of things you would like but are not essential.
  • Your goals, dreams and desires - It is satisfying for me to hear and see where you are headed and for me to be able to help you!

Seriously, that is a great starting point. Get in touch with me and we will be happy to help you from there!

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